6 Best White Noise Machines For Baby Or Toddler

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As any new parent will tell you, ‘sleeping like a baby‘ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Working out how to get your baby or toddler to sleep at a suitable hour, to sleep all through the night, can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

But there are a few tricks that can definitely help — and one of these is a white noise machine.

Whether you’re at home or away, having a white noise machine for your toddler or baby is an easy way to get them off to sleep and keep them sleeping through the night. Just make sure that you use it every night, wherever you are — consistency is everything with infant sleep!

We’ve rounded up a few of the best white noise machines for babies and toddlers — let us know which one is your favourite to use with your kids.

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What Makes a Good White Noise Machine?

Before we look at the products, it’s worth understanding what features are most important when it comes to a white noise machine.

Two of the most important factors to consider are volume control and sound quality.

If the device uses a digital recording (versus one that creates white noise mechanically), make sure it has a clean loop so that it is not obvious when the recording begins playing over again.

Volume control is also important, as different babies will thrive best with different volumes — you may need to experiment a little at the start.

The best white noise machines will also have different playback options — whether you want the white noise on constant all night, or just for shorter periods, you’ll want the option to experiment with what works best for your child.

Another important feature is portability. Ideally the machine will be lightweight, easy to charge and compact enough to not be problematic during travel.

You can put it next to your little one’s travel cot to replicate the comforting noise when you are travelling.

Best White Noise Machines For Baby And Toddler

Dreamegg White Noise Machine

DreamEgg White noise machine for baby

If you want a white noise machine with a large variety of different sounds to choose from, then the Dreamegg White Noise Machine will be the device for you.

The Dreamegg has 11 different soothing sounds to choose from, including sounds like white noise, ocean sound, lullaby, cricket chirping, fan sound, and more.

Like many of the other white noise machines on this list, it includes an integrated clip, so parents can easily clip the device onto a pram, crib, or child car seat.

The device also features a night light, so your toddler can be set at ease. It will also make it easier to feed your baby at night without needing to turn the main room light on.

It comes with volume control and has a built-in timer so you can set it to play non-stop or for however long you need. It can easily be charged with a USB C cable and is very portable and lightweight.

This is perhaps the most popular white noise machine on the market and it’s easy to see why.

Best Choice Of Sounds
Dreamegg White Noise Machine For Baby
$18.00 ($1.50 / Ounce)

This popular white noise machine combines noise blocker, nightlight and sleep soother in one easy-to-use device. It comes with with soothing sounds, customized light brightness, timer, volume levels and child-lock for safety. 

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Baby Shusher For Babies

Baby shutter sound machine - working a charm!

The Baby Shusher sound machine is an excellent portable white noise machine that can make travel a breeze for both you and your baby or toddler.

This device uses a recording of a real soothing human voice to help your baby sleep, which is a natural sound that should leave you with a sleeping baby in no time.

It has two sleep timer settings: parents can choose between 15-minute and 30-minute sessions.

The Baby Shusher has volume control as well as a wrist strap, so it can be used while your baby is in your arms. The device is powered by two AA batteries that are included, so you can start using this sound machine right after taking it out of the box.

As it’s battery powered and there’s no option to leave it on constantly, this white noise machine is best suited for naps or for kids who only need a minimal amount of white noise to soothe themselves.

Baby Shusher Sound Machine For Babies

Does your baby respond best to human soothing? Using a real human voice, this sound machine will lull your baby back to sleep with a calming shush — freeing up your precious time

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Tommee Tippee Dreammaker

Dressmaker Sleep Aid

The Tommee Tippee Dreammaker is a little different to the other sleep aids on this list as it uses pink noise instead of white noise.

Pink noise is a little closer to the natural sounds that your baby will have been listening to in the womb and so, arguably, might be better at encouraging them to self soothe.

The Dreammaker also comes with a red night light to encourage production of melatonin, the sleepy hormone, and has a pulsing glow — again mimicking life in the womb.

One of its best features is the intelligent CrySensor technology which enables it to automatically turn back on if it senses your baby crying during the night.

We’d recommend the Dreammaker more for babies than toddlers as it does so well at creating a womb-like atmosphere, which isn’t as relevant for older children.

Best For Pink Noise
Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Baby Sleep Aid

Pink noise and red light: Developed with sleep scientists, this sound and light sleep aid relaxes your baby, encourages them into a deep sleep and prolongs the length of their sleep.

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Marpac Hushh For Baby

Portable white noise machine

The Marpac Hushh For Baby white noise machine is another great device for parents, babies, and toddlers on the move, as it is small, easy to use, and has a clip to help stick it onto a pram or crib.

Its portability and small size make it the best white noise machine for travel!

The three sound options that the Marpac Hushh offers are bright white noise, deep white noise, or gentle surf. Try all three with your child and see which one they respond to best.

Once you have clipped the device onto your pram or crib, it is very easy to operate, as it features large, labelled buttons that are easy to see and press. Thankfully, the device also features a child lock in case your toddler decides they want to fiddle with it…

This can stop the volume from being changed, the device from being accidentally turned off, or the type of sound from being changed. The integrated LED night light will also make this device suitable for toddlers that would prefer to sleep with some light on.

This white noise machine for babies is very portable and can be switched off once your baby falls asleep, so taking the Marpac Hushh along with you on your next long car journey wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Best White Noise Machine For Travel
Marpac Hushh for Baby

The Marpac Hushh is one of the best portable white noise machine options for kids. Simply fasten Hushh to a stroller or car seat using the included baby-safe clip or place it on any surface.

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MyBaby Soundspa On-the-Go

Homedics sound machine

The MyBaby Soundspa On-the-Go is another great, portable white noise machine for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The device by Homedics is incredibly small and lightweight and also features an integrated clip that can allow it to attach to any carry bags, prams, or cribs that you might have if baby stirs.

The Soundspa has four different soothing nature sounds for parents to choose from. These include heartbeat, white noise, ocean sound, and lullaby. The volume control is also adjustable, so you can set the sound just right for your baby or toddler depending on their needs and the environment.

The device has a sleep timer that parents can set with time limits of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes, and it runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). Like the BabyShusher, we’d recommend it more for naps on-the-go as the playback options are a little limited.

Good Value
MyBaby SoundSpa On‐the‐Go Baby Soother

Lightweight clip-on sound machine. The On-the-Go is a must-have for busy new parents. It plays four different soothing sounds and has an adjustable volume control so you can get the sound just right.

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Ewan The Sheep Deluxe

Calming noises from Ewan the Sheep

Ewan The Sheep is something of a cult classic sleep product among parents in the UK — and this Deluxe version is even better than the original.

This cuddly-looking soft toy sheep attaches to the side of a cot, toddler bed or next-to-me crib and works to help your little one self-soothe back to sleep. It has 5 different white and pink noise options, as well as a very realistic heartbeat sound that will transport your child back to the comfort of the womb.

It also has a soft night light option, which is a soft red glow, which promotes the production of melatonin. It’s also machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer!

Ewan has a smart cry sensor which ‘listens’ to your child for 4 hours after being initially activated and will activate again during that time period if it senses your little one crying.

Our only bugbear is that it doesn’t have the option to play all night long next to baby’s crib.

#1 Rated Sound Machine For Babies
Ewan The Sheep: Baby & Toddler Sleep Aid

The classic baby & toddler sleep aid. Ewan has won numerous Gold & Silver Awards since he was first born back in 2010, including the prestigious Mother & Baby Gold Award twice, and Made for Mums Gold Award twice.

View Now On Amazon Buy Direct Via SweetDreamers
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Baby White Noise Machine FAQS

What Is A White Noise Machine?

White noise is a sound that contains all frequencies. It spans across multiple bands of sound and can, therefore, block out other sounds around you.

White noise has been known to improve sleep, and help people to fall asleep more quickly than normal, which is why these machines are often used for babies and toddlers.

White noise machines are effectively just machines that produce either mechanical or digital white noise but often also have other relaxing sounds in their arsenal, such as natural soothing sounds or brown or pink noise, which have also been proven to help with sleep.

best white noise for babies

Are White Noise Machines Good For Babies?

Many parents use white noise machines to help their babies fall asleep or stay asleep during naps – and there’s some evidence that this approach can be effective. Some studies have shown that infants who fall asleep to white noise generally sleep longer and wake less frequently during the night.

A 1990 study showed that 80% of babies fell asleep within 5 minutes of the white noise being turned on.

So are white noise machines good for babies? The answer is yes – quite possibly – in some cases. While there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence supporting the use of white noise, many parents swear by it. And if you’re looking for an easy way to help your baby get more restful sleep, a white noise machine might be worth trying out.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that every child is different. If you decide to try using a white noise machine with your baby, make sure to monitor how well he or she responds to it and adjust usage as needed. If you notice any signs of distress, such as excessive crying or irritability, it may be time to take a break from the device.

Pros And Cons of White Noise Machines For Babies And Toddlers


The pros of using white noise machines for babies are obviously the fact that babies should be able to fall asleep faster when one of these machines is used. White noise machines can, however, also prevent other loud noises from interrupting your baby’s sleep, as they can block out background noise.

Some white noise machines even have a setting that can mimic a heartbeat sound; this is often comforting for babies and can lull them into a deeper sleep.


Some of the cons attached to using white noise machines for babies include the fact that some babies will simply not respond well to white noise, so it will likely not make them fall asleep and may even disturb the sleep of your baby.

Using a white noise machine for your baby too frequently can also cause them to become reliant on white noise to fall asleep. This can become an issue if you don’t bring your machine with you somewhere, and your baby just won’t fall asleep.

Thankfully, you won’t need to look too hard to find a portable white noise machine that should help to limit this problem.

Is White Noise Better Than Pink Noise?

Pink noise is also a steady background hum that is similar to white noise sound, but it does have some key differences.

Pink noise uses deeper sounds and lower sound waves, so some people do tend to find it to be more gentle and soothing. Ultimately, it will depend on your personal preference and the preferences of your toddler or baby.

white noise machines for toddlers

Are White Noise Machines Safe For Babies?

White noise machines are generally safe to use for babies, so long as they are placed far enough away from your baby or toddler and the volume is below 50 decibels.

If the device is too close or too loud, then the sound pressure levels could damage your child’s auditory development.

Aim to place the device no closer than 200 cm from your little one.

When Should You Stop Using A White Noise Machine?

This will depend on personal preference and how your child sleeps without the use of white noise. Some parents try to phase out using white noise by the time their child is two years old.

However, other parents choose to continue to use white noise until their children are much older. If white noise is used correctly, it will not be harmful to you, and many adults and children sleep better with white noise throughout their lives.

A white noise machine is a worthwhile addition to your packing list if you are worried about your little one sleeping badly in new surroundings.

Is It OK To Play White Noise All Night?

Some parents like to play white noise for their baby or toddler all through the night, however it is recommended that you only play white noise long enough for the child to fall asleep.

There is some evidence that white noise works best when played for a short duration, until the baby is sleeping. This will also ensure that your little one doesn’t become overly dependent on white noise to sleep soundly.

Final Thoughts: Give It A Try!

Investing in the best white noise machine is a really good option to help your baby or toddler with independent sleep.

There are some great devices on the market that are safe, low cost and effective — let us know if you’ve tried any! And whether they lead to a peaceful night’s sleep!


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