15 Tips For Flying With A 2-Year-Old

tips for flying with a 2 year old

Just the thought of flying with a toddler seems to strike fear into the hearts of many parents. And to be fair, it can be challenging. Flying with a 2-year-old presents a different set of challenges than flying with a baby. And that’s because toddlers don’t sit still! They’re energetic, headstrong, have fleeting attention spans … Read more

14 Tips For Flying With A 1-Year-Old

how to fly with a 1-year old

Flying with a baby can be a daunting experience for new parents (and even experienced ones). The truth is, travelling with a baby will never be the same as your pre-baby travel heydays. But there are various tips and tricks you can use for the flight to go as smoothly as possible — for you, … Read more

How To Help Toddlers With Car Sickness

help carsick toddler

Looking for a cure to toddlers with car sickness? We feel your pain! And we’ve cleaned the seats to prove it… 🤢 Motion sickness symptoms vary from person to person, but when your child is unable to communicate their symptoms, dealing with it can become a nightmare. Whether your planned car trip takes twenty minutes … Read more

14 Tips For Flying With A 3-Year-Old

tips for flying with a 3 year old

Flying with a toddler can be a challenging experience. To put it mildly… 🤯 Flying anywhere, long haul or short haul, can be tricky for some people. Throw a rowdy 3-year old into the mix and things can really start cooking. You’ve probably imagined what it would be like flying with a toddler if you … Read more

Can Kids Fly With Chickenpox?

kids flying with chickenpox

One question that pops up again and again with young families is whether kids can fly with chickenpox. And one thing’s for sure — while this virus doesn’t usually cause any major problems for children, it’s bound to pop up at the most inconvenient time! Chickenpox is a common illness which causes itchy spots to … Read more

Can You Bring Baby Formula On A Plane?

can you bring baby milk on plane

Travelling with a baby or toddler can be a bit of an ordeal, particularly travelling by plane and especially if you are flying long haul. Let’s face it – these are rarely fun, even for adults, let alone a child! One of the most difficult questions about flying with a baby is, how do you feed them? Can … Read more

6 Best Bibs For Toddlers: For Messy Meal Times!

best toddler bibs

Bibs are a necessity for babies and toddlers, as they can prevent a lot of mess from ending up on both your child and their clothes. As any parent knows, mealtime mess doesn’t miraculously stop once your baby moves into toddlerhood. While some people associate bibs only with babies, bibs are often used for toddlers … Read more

A Toddler Packing List For Staycations

family packing list

Going on holiday with a toddler can be — let’s face it — a bit of a challenge. Many toddlers struggle a little bit outside of their normal routines and environments, so when you’re on a trip away from home, you really want to be well prepared to avoid any serious meltdowns and tantrums. We’ve … Read more

How To Apply For A First Child Passport

how to apply for kids first passport

Going abroad with your child for the first time is always an exciting (and sometimes challenging!) prospect — whatever their age. One of the first things you’ll need to sort out before you go is getting their first child passport. Don’t sit on this. It’s easy to put off anything that involves red tape and … Read more