20 Things To Do In Devon With Toddlers

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Devon is one of the UK’s most charming counties, boasting stunning beaches and jutting cliffs along its attractive coastline — no wonder it’s such a popular family holiday destination.

If you find yourself in Devon with a toddler, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the dozens of fun things to do here.

Whether its theme parks or country parks, farms or play barns, there’s a huge amount to do in Devon with young kids. We’ve compiled a list of our top toddler days out in Devon — free and paid, a whole day or just an hour’s worth of fun. Take your pick!

20 Things To Do in Devon with Toddlers

The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary is a lovely farm near Sidmouth that works towards a world where donkeys and mules are free from suffering and their contribution to humanity is valued. Their main campaign, “Stop the Slaughter,” aims to share the causes and impacts of the donkey trade and inhumane killing. 

The sanctuary is full of gorgeous and unique donkeys – no donkey looks like the others. You can tour the farm, pet the animals, and learn more about the philanthropic work that they are doing at the sanctuary. The sanctuary even has festive seasonal events to individualise your customer experience. If you’re looking for a local spot to eat delicious seasonal foods, there’s a restaurant attached with heavenly views to enjoy the countryside. 

Beyond your kids seeing absolutely adorable donkeys and mules, bringing your littles to the Donkey Sanctuary is a sweet way to show them what humanely treating animals can look like. If you want an inside look at what the Donkey Sanctuary is like, check out the live webcam on their website! 

Woodlands Family Theme Park

Woodlands is the largest family theme park in Devon, and it’s full of family fun for everyone. The Woodlands theme park includes indoor play areas, water rides, a zoo farm, and other attractions. There are all kinds of possible entertainment options, rain or shine. No need to worry about the weather affecting your weekend plans!

In addition to the rides and attractions, Woodlands has a general store, restaurant, and gift shop. It also features different events throughout the year for your family to enjoy. These include discounted tickets, Halloween rides, the Christmas Grotto, and shows sprinkled throughout the summer. 

If you’re looking for a weekend away, Woodlands has an in-house family campsite just a stone’s throw away from the park and is in the centre of lush countryside. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy.

Seaton Tramway

For a fun day out in Devon, consider visiting the Seaton Tramway! The Seaton Tramway runs narrow-gauge hesitance trams through Devon’s gorgeous Axe Valley. The routes stretch along the River Axe estuary through two breathtaking nature reserves. This attraction offers an unparalleled view of the bird life and Axe Valley countryside. 

The Seaton Tramway hosts a large expanse of events throughout the year to offer more personalised experiences, depending on what time of year you decide to visit. It is dog friendly, so you can bring your faithful family friend with you, and it has high accessibility for Granny and Gramps to join in the fun too. 

The Tram even stops at the Tram Stop Cafe – an in-house cafe full of sweet treats and snacks after the 3-mile ride through the Valley. 

Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

For families that enjoy spending time outside together exploring the wonders of nature, Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park is for you! This family-run wildlife and dinosaur park is located on over 28 acres of the Combe Martin Valley. From wolves and sea lions to African lions and penguins, this park has diverse animal species that will entertain and inspire even your youngest kids. 

If your kids are more interested in dinosaurs than zoo animals, the park features life-size animatronic dinosaurs and a massive Dinosaurus Playzone that’s accessible even in poor weather conditions. 

Some of the hiking areas are fairly steep for family walks and may be difficult for individuals with mobility issues or toddlers, so be sure to check which routes are suitable for you and your family. Other parts of the park are highly accessible and offer alternatives to the steeper areas of natural terrain. 

River Dart Country Park

A 90-acre parkland in the middle of Dartmoor National Park, River Dart Country Park is a family favourite in Devon. The park features a campsite and activities like an adventure playground, agility trail, pools, climbing pods, and zip lining. There are also toddler-friendly areas and wooden play forts for younger children to enjoy.

This park is a great weekend destination for families with a scattered age range of kids. There is something for everyone — from little children to adults — and your family will be entertained for the whole weekend. You’ll never want to leave this outdoor adventure oasis.

Crealy Theme Park and Resort

As Devon’s biggest play-cation, the Crealy Theme Park is packed with over 60 rides and family attractions. This award-winning family theme park offers lodging options ranging from five-star luxury hot tub lodges to glamping tents and touring pitches. If you don’t plan to stay for the weekend, there are plenty of rides and attractions to keep you busy with the day pass. 

The wide selection of outdoor rides, indoor soft and adventure play areas, zoo animals, and live shows will keep your family engaged all day, no matter what age groups you bring along. This park advertises itself as Devon’s biggest day out, and we may have to agree – with over 60 activities to sign up for, you won’t want to leave before you finish every last one! 

The Big Sheep

This farm and theme park has been voted North Devon’s most popular family attraction. It features an indoor play zone with exciting slides, soft play, and climbing areas. This park has rides and activities for all ages. 

The Big Sheep is a great day destination with live shows, opportunities to meet the infamous animals, and plenty of indoor and outdoor rides and play areas. Whether it’s a cloudy day or the sun is shining, there’s lots to enjoy at this farm and theme park. 

The park has different deals and seasonal events to create your personalised family experience, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. This is the kind of place that your kids will beg to visit year after year. 

Devon Railway Centre

The Devon Railway Centre and Model World is a popular Devon tourist attraction for train lovers and regular families alike. This attraction offers a unique experience for its visitors with fun-filled days of train rides, railway exhibitions, and indoor play areas. 

The Devon Railway Centre offers very interactive play for your kids. Children can engage with the trains by clipping tickets, waving flags, and controlling trains across the centre, all with the click of a button.

Whether your toddlers are obsessed with trains or are only moderately interested, they won’t forget their time playing at the Devon Railway Centre and Model World! 

Pennywell Farm

Pennywell Farm is the perfect location for a full day of family fun. Each day is packed with varied activities to keep each visit new and exciting. Featuring farm rides on tractors, opportunities to play with donkeys and other animals, and indoor and outdoor play areas, your kids will be entertained all day and be thrilled to visit again! 

Pennywell Farm’s family-favourite activities include Piggy Cuddling, Pig Racing, Bottle Feeding animals, and Deer Feeding. There are dozens of other silly, entertaining activities around the farm, from ferret racing to goat walking. Your car will be an endless stream of giggles the whole drive home. 

World of Country Life

This all-weather family day attraction has a fun spread of museums, animals, play areas, and entertainment. The World of Country Life is an educational yet entertaining park to keep your little ones busy and teach them a thing or two along the way. 

This park is located on the outskirts of Exmouth, and it is absolutely worth the visit. You won’t regret the opportunity for your kids to snuggle the cute animals, walk through an extensive vintage vehicle collection, or ride on the deer train safari. 

The daily activities scattered throughout your day out at World of Country Life will give your kids an inside look at taking care of animals while getting some cuddles too! 

Paignton Zoo

Your day out at Paignton Zoo will be full of over 2,000 animals and countless botanical mysteries spread across an 80-acre park. These spacious grounds and lush countryside will leave you wanting to visit again next weekend! 

The Paignton Zoo is a wonderful place for your kids to explore, roam, and discover what it feels like to get in touch with nature and appreciate wildlife. This zoo is also a charity that works to conserve wildlife and protect rare and endangered species. 

Your kids will learn from humane animal supporters and thoughtful animal lovers during your day in the park. It will take all day to see everything – perfect! 

The Milky Way

The Milky Way Adventure Park is the perfect all-weather play place for rainy days or mornings full of sunshine alike. This attraction has been rated TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best, and I completely agree. The rides and attractions aren’t just for older kids to enjoy. The Milky Way includes preschool-friendly areas, so little children can enjoy a full day out. 

The new Ninja Stars area is a great place for older kids to practise all their bold and adventurous moves through fun obstacles and courses. Different rides, soft play areas, slides, and jump zones will get all that pent-up energy out, leaving your kids zonked on the way home. 

This park even features a sci-fi memorabilia area for parents to enjoy a walk down nostalgic memory lane. 

Totnes Rare Breeds Farm

This curious farm is a small, family-run attraction that focuses on outdoor play and a relaxing afternoon for the family. There are not a ton of busy things to do, but your kids will enjoy a slow day of cuddling with Guinea Pigs, feeling the smooth feathers of an Eagle Owl, and learning about animal conservation. 

The Totnes Rare Breeds Farm started as a sanctuary to conserve rare breeds of rescue animals and nurse them back to health. Now it’s a public space for families to learn how to respectfully and safely engage with animals while supporting their growth. 

The farm believes that interacting with animals is important, whether you are 1 or 101 years old. Enjoy a relaxed day at Totnes Rare Breeds Farm, and support their conservation efforts!


Pecorama is Britain’s finest 7.25-inch gauge ride-on steam railway located along the picturesque fishing village of Beer. Families that visit can expect a lovely day out with the family, enjoying exquisite gardens, stunning sea views, and delicious homemade food. 

Buying tickets to ride the railway is a special treat, too! Your kids will love the mile-long route that stretches through gardens, over bridges, and through steep-sided cuttings. The track even goes through a long, dark tunnel! 

Pecorama isn’t only limited to riding the steam-powered railway. The park also includes outdoor play areas, wide walkways along a pond, a bug hotel, and zip wire. This is a cool day trip for kids and adults alike. You won’t want to miss out on this family fun day, and neither will your kids! 

Bear Feet Play Centre

The Bear Feet Play Centre is a fun soft play area for all kids of all ages. It has two locations and hosts events and kids’ parties — so there are many personalised opportunities to enjoy a day out at Bear Feet. 

This indoor play park is great for letting your little ones roam on the soft playscapes while you sit and enjoy a snack or two from the attached cafe. Give yourself a rest while also letting your kids play and burn off that energy! We’d suggest going to this perfect indoor play place on rainy or bad-weather days when your kids need to get out of the house and move their busy little bodies.

Buckfast Butterflies and Otter Sanctuary

This small, family-run farm in South Devon is ideal for your family to explore whatever the weather. With a seasonal butterfly house and otter exhibits, your kids will love watching otter rehabilitation happen before their eyes and walking through gardens full of fluttering butterflies. 

This sanctuary aims to provide enjoyable, educational experiences for young people through thought-provoking visits focused on otters and butterflies. The sanctuary has facilities to care for sick or injured otters with world-class veterinary care. The hope is that visitors will see the happy resident otters and learn more about animal care and conservation throughout their visit.

National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is the UK’s largest aquarium and is located in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth. We love this aquarium beyond just the day of fun it provides our kids; the National Marine Aquarium is also part of the Ocean Conservation Trust. This charity is dedicated to connecting people with the ocean through education and learning opportunities. 

The aquarium offers many fun exhibits and activities to excite your kids about the ocean’s wonders. It’s made up of four main zones with hundreds of animals and exhibits in each. This aquarium (one of the UK’s most popular) will blow your mind and provide an all-day learning experience and entertainment for your little ones. 

Wildwood Escot

This fun-filled family outing will keep you and your kids busy all day! Wildwood features all kinds of activities, including a maze, outdoor play areas, indoor soft play areas, a drop-slide, traversing walls, and a 30-metre zip line, to name a few. There are adorable otters and red squirrels to encounter in the walk-through woodland enclosure and a large collection of British wildlife to explore. 

Wildwood was established to show kids the wonderful British outdoors and to help them fall in love with it. This wildlife park and conservation project tells the story of the woodlands over the past 1,000 years. Visiting Wildwood isn’t just a fun day out; it’s also a way to share the conservation story of the British woodlands. 

Golden Hind

Golden Hind, a museum ship, is a step into the past of Brixham’s treasure. Families visiting Golden Hind can expect to explore above and below the five decks of the full-sized replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Tudor galleon.

This museum ship is such a fun and interactive way to show your kids a taste of history and explore the ins and outs of the most famous ship of a man that circumnavigated the world. 

If you’re a real history buff, the historic site has recently started offering packages to sleep aboard the Golden Hind for the night. That would definitely be a night to remember for your family! 

Quince Honey Farm 

Quince Honey Farm is a functional honey farm and a fantastic day out for you and your family. This farm offers engaging guided tours, stunning gardens, and soft play areas. The Quince Honey Farm truly has something for everyone — rain or shine. 

From daily tours to learning opportunities about bees and honey, the farm teaches little ones all about honey from flowers and how it ends up in the jar. And, of course, don’t forget to grab a jar of honey on your way out!

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